This program is brought to you only by Amber Management Services llc and we reserve all right to cancel or change promotion at anytime. Checks will be cut at the time of closing. If for any reason the deal does not close then the promotion is voided.

Buyers Incentive Program 

Buyers incentive program is for clients who have a pre approval from a lender to purchase a home. The program is designed to give back to our customers as a thank you for choosing us as their Real Estate Agent. The program offers different cash back amounts depending on the purchase price of the home. Cash Back is only applied at the time of closing and not before. See Below for Min Requirements to participate.

Min Requirement

1- Pre Approval to purchase Real Property

2- Min 3 Month Contract signed before any showings

3- Property must close in order to receive amount above

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Purchase price        Cash Back

100K-199K                               $500

​200K-399K                               $1000

400K-699K                               $1200

700k-899k                                $1500 

900K-1.499M                            $2500

1.5M-2.99M                              $3500

3.0M-5.0M                                $5000